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Theatre Day

Fun & Memories Await You

The full season program is eight weeks filled with unique activities and experiences. Each week has its own theme celebrated with Dress Up Days, Special Events every Wednesday, and camp wide morning activities. 

Check out this year's special events calendar which includes time honored traditions such as Photo Day, Theatre Day and more!

Camp Traditions

Balloons Hanging in the Street

Late Night

Typically scheduled Week 4 of camp, Late Night is a favored tradition held especially for our campers aged 4th grade and up. Join us for an evening swim and for a chance to join the ranks of our Hatchet Hunt champions. 

(Don't worry parents! This is a scavenger hunt for a wooden hatchet hidden on the grounds of our main campus).

Theatre Day

Typically scheduled Week 6 of Camp, Theatre Day is time honored favorite. Counselors choose a song based on this year's theme (2023 was Made in NY). Each group performs a skit or dance to their song.

(Recorded by a professional videographer, you will be able to enjoy your camper's theatre day performance for years to come).

Carnival Day

Typically scheduled Week 7 of Camp, Carnival Day is one of our oldest & most treasured camp traditions. A new theme is selected each year with fun activities to match. The 2024 theme will be... Super Mario! 

(The day includes inflatable slides and bounce houses, a midway filled with games, prizes, raffles and extra free swim time).

Camp Activities

Rocket Match Instructions

PDC Games & Puzzles

Off Season Fun!

Get to know the PDC staff and stay connected while you wait for summer 2024 to launch.

Speaking of launching, this month's Fun Feature is Rocket Match! Can you help Rob get the Rockets back by matching them to their shadow?

Rob is our Rocketry & Woodworking specialist! This year will be his 23rd summer with us.

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