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What's Happening?

Activities for the Off Season

Purchase Day Camp was so much fun in 2019, and we want to continue the fun for the next 6 months. From December 2019 to April 2020, we will add Activity Sheets to this web page. Enjoy!

Every month through April 2020, we will email a "Who Are These PDC Pals" contest to 2019 Campers and TEAM Members, where they are asked to guess the name of hidden faces.

Below are the monthly winners of the "Who Are These PDC Pals" contest:
November 2019: (answers L-R Tino, Gregg, Tori)
Winning Campers: Mark W. - Eels, Matthew B. - Cobras, Abby G. - Starlings
Winning TEAM Members: Jenna B. - Pool, Gregg G. - Eels, Stephanie S. - Jr. Camp

December 2019: (answers L-R Gabe, Rebecca, Nic)
Winning Campers: Julianna S. - Guppies, Mary S. - Salmons
Winning TEAM Members: Julianna S. - Guppies, Stephanie P. - Turtles, Olivia H. - Starlings

January 2020: (answers L-R Sammy, Wex, Michael)
Winning Campers: Julianna S. - Guppies, Mary Cate A. - Guppies, Nathan H. - Dragons
Winning TEAM Members: Mike H. - Cobras, Stephanie S. - Tadpoles, Gregg G. - Eels

February 2020: (Game 1 answers L-R Mike, Matt, Julianna) (Game 2 answers L-R Toni, Gina, Richard)
Winning Campers: Riley Anderson - Sharks
Winning TEAM Members: Kat B. - Special Events, Gregg G. - Eels

Click on the images below for a printable version of each Activity Page.

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